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Dr. Monica Valdez-Trevino D.C. & Arron Evans are the proud founders of Living Well Chiropractic, a family wellness and health center, serving the Texarkana and surrounding areas.


Monday, Tuesday & Thursday

9:00am - 6:00pm

Friday 9:00am to 12:00pm


Our vision

Healing Texarkana, from the inside-out with specific Chiropractic care.

Dr. Monica Valdez-Trevino D.C. and her team are on a mission at Living Well Chiropractic to help create one the of the healthiest communities in the North East corner of Texas.


Dr. Monica uses specific Chiropractic care to discover and correct the root problems at hand. By correcting the under lying issues, the body can achieve proper healing from the inside out. Dr. Monica’s training in both by hand and instrument adjusting techniques allows her to customize her approach to match each patient’s needs.


At Living Well Chiropractic we envision a world of health and healing.

We want to see all people living life to their fullest.


Our Team

At Living Well Chiropractic, we bring together industry-leading equipment, a wealth of knowledge, and loving hearts. Dr. Monica and her team are here to keep you and your family moving toward your life goals, whether that is competing in a marathon, playing sports, or simply playing in the floor with grand kids, we are here to help.

Dr. Monica and Arron Evan's values are aligned with the goal of making a difference in the lives of others by bringing modern and effective Chiropractic care to the community.



We are very excited to announce our partnership with Pillowise, a company that creates custom fit pillows based on your personal measurements! As Pillowise Authorized Dealers, we take your measurements in the office and order for you, so all you have left to do is relax with your new favorite pillow.

It is important that your pillow is not too high and not too low. An appropriate pillow, one that is the correct height and shape will adapt to the contours of your neck, is comfortably soft and gives great support. To determine your perfect pillow match, you need to get measured. 

Living Well Chiropractic uses only professional grade products.

These professional grade products are NOW available from WELLEVATE, the premier online resource for patient dispensary, offering a variety of therapeutic grade and industry-defining brands, such as ; Thorne, Douglas Labs, Advanced Naturals, Biofreeze Pro, Sovereign Silver, Health By Design and so many more! Wellevate makes it simple and easy to access thousands of the world’s top supplements in one easy click. So, take advantage of the 20% savings that Dr. Monica forwards to you by using her link below. It’s the most easy and convenient way to make sure you are only getting the best quality and bioavailability products on the planet! 

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